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Drinks Bought In - New Regulation
The practice of buying drinks for consumption later has been accepted practice in the Club for some time. Unfortunately when drinks are bought but not consumed on the date of purchase this introduces a financial risk to the Members, or the Club and a reputation risk the staff serving at the time. Members may over pay or the Club may not receive full payment if drinks are served without payment by mistake. This risk is much greater if drinks are bought in for different opening sessions possibly with different serving staff. The Committee have therefore decided to ask Members to only buy drinks for consumption on the day of purchase and not ask the bar staff to "Put one in" for another day. A new regulation comes into immediate effect that credit for drinks that are "bought in" will not be carried forward after the Club closes on the day of purchase. Purchases not consumed on the day (session) of pur-chase shall be forfeit. If you have any query in respect to this new Club regulation please con-tact Chairman Paul Evans Tel. 07766 363040 Or Secretary Chris Nottingham
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